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Test your wits against many other players in this comprehensive and very compelling Mafia game. Your goal is to become the best Mafiosi in the world.

By dealing drugs and murdering your fellow Mafiosi, you can become the richest player of all. Still not convinced? Look at the screenshots in the left column of your screen.


Recent News

World of Mafia close the doors!  2014-09-19 6:43 PM

We share with you that World of Mafia will be closed on 07.01.2015! If someone would like to continue the project, is to log on www.bfgaming.at and comment.

Wir teilen euch mit, dass World of Mafia am 07.01.2015 geschlossen wird. Falls jemand Lust auf eine Weiterfhrung des Projektes hat, der soll sich auf www.bfgaming.at anmelden und kommentieren.